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TPR Is Lit - June 2013


Physical Fitness Poetry By Ralph Sneeden


A memoir-style prose poem, Ralph Sneeden’s Physical Fitness delineates how the games and competitions in which children find such an innocent pleasure can be both witting and unwitting preparation for war. Starting from the personal and shifting to the universal, his measured conversational tone allows us to access the awful commonplace nature of these preparations and how they are accepted


Bixby Fiction by Paul Beckman


We live with people but do not see them. We wonder who they are even though they tell us everyday. When we close our eyes, the dreams remain separate. But, still, they're there, wanting and needing us the same way we need them. If only we could learn how to communicate. Read Paul Beckman's Bixby and learn about two people who are trying to do just that.


Rapture Poetry by Darrel Alejandro Holnes


Exploring our capitalist world through its scenery, history and slogans, Darrel Alejandro Holnes uncovers a place “part nursery, part Gomorrah” where freedom appears hostage to violence, splendor to despair and yet still hope, stubbornly, persists. Observant, compelling, condemning but finally joyous, Rapture is a poem for our times. Read it, recognise the world we live in… and, in spite of our situation, the strength we are all able to achieve.


Ice Cream Fiction by Mitch Grabois 


Guns. Booze. Strip Clubs. Ice Cream. These are four commodities that have proven themselves recession-proof time and time again. What better business to be in these troubled times than that of the forgotten man behind the ice cream counter? The one who serves your kids and mops the floors. He wipes his hands on his apron and his nose on his sleeve. What his hopes and ambitions are, nobody cares. In Mitch Grabois' Ice Cream learn about the world behind the ice cream counter. The one you forgot before you even knew.

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